Sunday, October 26, 2014

Love – Fragrance of flower becomes airborne and there are no boundaries no limits and it is unconditional.

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                                                                                                                                                                    4th Stage- Love – Fragrance of flower becomes airborne and there are no boundaries no limits and it is unconditional.

 Congratulations you made it!! So now you are at the 4th stage, it is like you have reached at the mountain top, from here you can see all the stages very clearly. You can see where you were stuck in the rut, the strong whirlpool, the quick sand, or the endless maze etc. of greed, hate, ego, doubt, self-condemnation, lust, fear etc. that constantly kept you shackled in complete darkness, and how you pulled yourself out. At 4th stage you are totally yourself, love is the very fiber of your being, and you ride on gentle and eternal wings of love, there is no room for hate, fear, doubt, lust, greed, ego, self-condemnation etc. you are free from all the heavy baggage that was holding you from blooming. Love is the light switch, the moment you turn it on, the darkness disappears. Love is all natural alchemy stored within all of us, no matter what you touch, your presence brings every being, place or thing to life, every unfolding moment blooms with the fragrance of life. You very well realize that love liberates your energy; and everything else traps your energy, you also realize that, it is your moment in time, it is your fragrance that connects space and time, you are the connecting link.
You still live in the same world that you use to, now something has changed within you and with that your whole world has changed. With the change in your perception, what you perceive has also changed ( Observer's effect). So now when you visit other stages, you will enjoy the visit, as you will be riding on the wings of love.
It is not just the performance of the flower, there are other performances unfolding at the same time to make it a blooming life of love. As the fragrance of the flower is ready to be airborne, gentle breeze taps in, and the fragrance of the flower becomes airborne. Breeze spreads the fragrance of love from one tree to another, all around and everywhere. As the fragrance spreads, beautiful and colorful butterflies step out of their cocoon at the right time to enjoy the fragrance of the blooming flower, along with them arrive the hummingbirds, honeybees, humans and other species to enjoy the fragrance. 

You are the unsung song that has to be sung,
       You are the dance that has to be danced,
You are the symphony that has to be performed,
       You are the cloud that has to carry the rain,
To the desert, to the valley, to the mountains, and the plains,
       As the flower seeds are waiting for your arrival,
To bloom, in the desert, in the valley, on the mountains, and the plains,
       You are the seed, that has to crack open,
And sprout through the hard dirt layers without a scratch, 
       You are the flower that has to bloom,
So bloom with the fragrance of love, 
 And this whole universe will bloom with you !!

 Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.

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