Sunday, July 17, 2016

Princess And The Sage (Part 6)

This is in continuation to the previous parts, please stroll by the previous parts if you prefer to, thanks.

Queen asked the next question, “Why do thoughts get out of control?”

Sage answered;

You are part of what is Infinite & So Are Your Thoughts,
You have assumed that you are finite and when,
You try to confine yourself,
You try your best To Confine Your Thoughts Too,
The Moment,
You stop confining yourself and your thoughts,
You start walking with your thoughts hand in hand,
You start dancing with your thoughts hand in hand,
You start singing with your thoughts hand in hand,
You are part of what is Infinite & So Are Your Thoughts!!

Precious Queen let me share an example with you. There are days (as they say) when you wake up on the right side of the bed. Every step you walk becomes a dance and every word you say becomes a song. There is no reason whatsoever for your happiness, your joy and you are so out of control (so to say) that even when you step into your shower, you are singing and you are dancing. It is like the entire Universe Gracefully came to life in your heart and is radiating from your heart. In those Beautiful Blooming Moments, your body is still taking shower, you and your thoughts are dancing and singing the song of unconditional life beyond the boundaries of your body, beyond the boundaries of your palace, beyond the boundaries of your kingdom, into the infinite, that you and your thoughts are part of. 

Untether Yourself & Your Thoughts,
Ride on those wings of love more often,
Along with your out of control thoughts,
You are part of what is Infinite & So Are Your Thoughts!! 
                                                                                              To Be Continued…

                                                                                                                                                                                         Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Dance Of The Discourse

Satori !!  (Dance of the discourse with Angel Love Always, Angel  beforebelief at Angel beforebelief’s Amazing garden of life)

One Breeze
Please let me share a story,
During the longest night ever, walking thru the dense jungle on a pitch dark stormy night trying to find the right path and just on the verge of giving up.
Suddenly the sky opens up and a beautiful beam of Light lights up the night as it touches the feet of Mother Earth, in that moment in the far distance over the tree line the peak of the temple of Life shines, suddenly there is the same pitch dark stormy night again as the beam of Light disappears.
Now the glimpse of the temple has given what the eyes were searching for, now no darkness is dark enough and no jungle is dense enough to stop the steps to the Temple of Life.
Every barrier will break,
Every shackle will snap,
As The Steps lead to,
The Temple of Life !!
When you walk,
This Magnificent,
Universe Walks With You !!

+One Breeze BEAUTIFUL!

+One Breeze​ OH WOW.....🙏🙏🙏
I feel SO Humbled in this moment by your beautiful words,
they brought tears to my eyes. SO, SO beautiful, i related to every word.
Bless you and thank you for taking the time to share your story with me.
From my Heart to yours, Love and Blessings to you Dear Angel.
😇 💜😊 

+beliefpatrol Hello Dear, long time no see. Wishing you a beautiful day may it be as bright as the morning Sun my friend.
Love and Light to you, Always.

Angel +beliefpatrol.
Thanks for your this Amazing,
Garden of Life & The Presence,
Of All The Precious Angels !!

Angel, Angel,
Angel +Love Always,
 It is The Precious Touch,
Of Your Beautiful Wings !!

+One Breeze​​​​ I sometimes don't know how to respond to your beautiful words. ....
I often am left speechless....
I have learned that is a good thing sometimes....
Who are You? Why do I feel I relate to you..? (Don't bother answering, for I think I know, when I connect with someone on a different sort of level..., so I need not know anything really).
Is it the beautiful words or what I feel reading them..?
Thank you.... dear Soul.

It Is The,
Beautiful Love & Life,
Within Precious Angel +Love Always,
That The Fortunate Words Ride On !!
Thanks Angel.

+One Breeze​​ Well.... let them ride, rise and fly forevermore.....

+Love Always Hi Lana!  GREAT to see you too!  Your page and energy is one of the most awesomest on ALL of G+.  Miss you!

Such a Beautiful Wonderful World !
Such a Beautiful Wonderful World !!
Decorated by Angel +Love Always.
Thanks Angel,
Will let the words know,
They will be dancing all over The Sky !!

+beliefpatrol Thankyou Dear. Gosh I miss you too.
Your KanGURU, sends Love and Blessings your way heee heee
😁 So Nice to see you, I have a huge {{{{{Smile}}}}} on my face. 😇🙏💕

+One Breeze How beautiful, what a Happy Sky it must be dancing to the Symphony of Love. 😇🙏💜

Angel +Love Always.

Thanks Angels !!

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.