Saturday, November 29, 2014

Inward Journey

“I love you” Say it real loud, look in the mirror in your own eyes and say, “I love you” and you better mean every bit of it, try to feel the warmth of it, the comfort of it, the richness of it, keep looking in your eyes as you say this to yourself and say it again and again and again at least half a dozen times, this is one of the ways to embark on inward journey.  During this inward journey you are the gift, the giver and you are the receiver. You are the love, the lover and the beloved. Do this simple exercise when you wake up, before you go to bed and in-between whenever you get chance. 
You may feel very odd doing this, and that feeling is very natural, because most of us expect this phrase from somebody else as we believe that our love and happiness is with somebody else, the fulfillment of our life is with somebody else, we are incomplete and somebody else is going to fill that void.

As we know that our body is a master piece of senses and sensors from head to toe. We have used the gift of these magnificent senses and sensors mostly for the outward journey and that is perfectly fine, we enjoy the creation with these senses and sensors, and with the same senses and sensors we can enjoy the inward journey too.  

Most of us think we are the body and never think much about the life within the body, imagine neglecting this gift of life within ourselves year after year after year, and that is what exactly we try hard to do, totally neglect the inward journey. Inward as well as outward journey, both are like the two sides of the same coin, both are important to keep the balance. When you experience pain, all it means is that you are out of balance, the good news is that you have the ability to create balance in your existence, and others will join you if they like the way you create balance, helping this universe to expand.

When you start this simple “I love you” exercise, it may or may not be easy, keep trying even if your beliefs becomes barrier in your way, slowly you will start gaining confidence in yourself. As you start tapping into self- generating, unconditional, unlimited source of love within yourself, you will realize that no matter what, you are the co-creator of your this moment in time, you are the co-creator of your universe, decorate it the way you want, color it the way you want, with the fragrance of unconditional love that is overflowing from the eternal source within yourself and you will bring every unfolding moment to life. The inward journey helps to balance the outward journey, helps to balance our thoughts and our universe with positive approach from the love within us. This universe, this space around us is a perfect mirror, mirror that has the ability to receive and reflect our thoughts, it will reflect back multiple times whatever it receives, totally unbiased.

 If germs of common cold or cough can be contagious, then the gems of love can definitely be contagious too, now to be contagious you have to have infectious love within yourself, only then you can spread it to others. The key to tap into this unlimited unconditional source of love is within all of us.

Every single life and I mean every single life,
Is a Universe to bloom in itself,
Spread the gems of love from within,
Spread the fragrance of love from within,
For every single life is a universe to bloom in itself.

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together !!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Expectations are nothing but self-driven thorns in the feet, every time you take a step they throb. So do anything and everything wholeheartedly with zero expectations whatsoever. Expectations will take the fun out of whatever you are doing.

Expectations take us right away into the future, the thing is future does not exist, so in this process of expectations we lose the present of present, by not being present. I will say if you want to focus on expectations, then focus on expectation of being in the present.

See when the flower blooms, it just blooms for the love of blooming, that’s it, nothing else. It does not matter to the flower if the breeze steps in or not to pick up the pleasant fragrance of the flower and carry it on its wings across the valleys, plains, and over the mountains, the flower blooms irrespective of any/all of that, as it loves to bloom with no expectations whatsoever.

Just be in the moment wholeheartedly, everything else will take care of itself. No matter what you want to do, you want to make tons of money, be in the moment wholeheartedly doing your business or whatever work you do, before you know, money will follow you.

Everything needs energy, expectations drain lots of energy and it will keep on draining energy until we shift to present mode.

If you ever see anybody in tears, in pain, in desolation, in sorrow, in ache, in throb…..sit down with them, take a minute, talk to them and if you see any thorn of expectation, help them take it out, to stop the throb. Listen to your heart.
Life is not supposed to limp,
Life is supposed to leap,
Leap in love, leap in laughter,
Leap in happiness, leap in harmony,
Leap in vitality, leap in vigor,
Life is supposed to leap !!
This body is a blessing till we start driving with our own hands the thorns of perfection, expectations, successfulness, possessiveness….etc in our feet, then we make it conditional and the same body feels like a burden. Please remove the burden, so that the blessings can bloom.

Let me share an example; before I started this blog I use to document my thoughts with the help of pencil and paper, then one day I thought that I use computer anyway, why not use it to document my thoughts and with that thought my blog came into existence. So now all I do is finish the topic that I have started to the best of my ability and publish it, with zero expectations, if anybody reads it, be my guest, on the other hand even if nobody looks this way, still bless their heart. You see, every activity needs energy and focus, so does expectations, especially if nothing goes as expected, expectation is a condition, and I want to blog unconditionally, only then I will be able to do it with undivided attention.

I love to blog and thru blog; I love to enjoy the fragrance of thoughts and the song of unconditional life from every part of this grand stage called mother earth, and I do not want to put any condition of expectations on this song of unconditional life.   

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

“Rise in love, within yourself”

There are many different ways to sing the song of unconditional life. Love is one of those ways to sing the song of unconditional life.

Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!

This word love is used so much; people say it lost its meaning. I wonder if the word anger, fear, hate…..etc. lost any of its meaning too, as these words are literally used more than love. So what is love, why so much emphasis on love, what’s the big deal about love. All we hear about love is, love has given nothing but pain, misery, misunderstanding, fear, anger, hatred, broken hearts, bitterness, depressions ….. the list goes on and on and on, this is all because of that other person, place or thing in their or not in their life. It is like they waited all their life for this other person, who was to deliver love, the delivery did not come thru, broke their heart, that ruined their life and everything that they dreamed of. So before we hold this delivery person responsible for not delivering the love that they were supposed to deliver, before we totally wipe this word love from our life forever, let’s look at it with an open mind, with no preconceived thoughts, with no cultural beliefs, no matter which cultural brand we belong to, let’s look at it just as a student of Mother Earth School Of Life Performing arts.

So what is love?

 Do this simple self-search / self-analyses, ask yourself this question if you prefer to, and share the fragrance of your thoughts.

 In my experience of life, I cannot define love, It is like trying to hold this vast beautiful sky in my hands, I can only define what is definitive. Love is infinite, it can be experienced, and we can share the experience of it with no expectations whatsoever. As every single one of us is unique and precious, so is the experience of love. Love is self-propelling and self-generating amazing food for life, the more you share the more you have, and this is no mumbo jumbo, this is physics of consciousness.    

“Fall in love” this beautiful phrase, I hear people say this all the time, and believe me, they literally (fall) do this, then they will complain and curse what they call love and the person who was supposed to deliver love as they were falling in their version of this deep dark chamber of love, they not only hurt themselves, they hurt the other person also that they dragged along in this bondage. That is possessiveness; they want to possess every being, place and thing. I hope who ever started this phrase of falling in love, survived the injuries.

“Rise in love, within yourself” that’s what love does, you bloom in love, in that fragrance of love you come to life, your every unfolding moment comes to life, every being, place and thing around you starts to bloom in love, you are not possessive in love,  you share your love, you support in love, you forgive in love, you sing in love, you dance in love, you are complete in love, you are content in love, you laugh in love, you live in love, you liberate in love….. Just like the fragrance of flower connects birds, butterflies, honeybees, humans and other species to the flower, same way love connects us with ourselves, with others, with the creation and the creator. Love makes us the co-creator of existence and every unfolding moment starts to bloom with the fragrance of life.

They say, for the first time when human beings saw  themselves in the still water mirror, they were really scared of themselves, their own self scared the heck out of them, from there started the journey of physical self enhancement, and we have come a long way from that first scary self-reflection in the still water mirror.  

The same way love is also the invisible mirror within ourselves,   it helps us to enhance our non-physical being. The more we enhance our non-physical being the more we fill ourselves with love, there comes a point when love within you starts to spill over.  All along you were the ultimate source of love, and you realize how complete you are. Unnecessary and for no reason you kept on blaming someone else for not delivering you the promised love.

You were, you are, and you will always be the song of unconditional life (SOUL), full of unconditional love.
 Bloom and this Universe will Bloom with you !!

 Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together !

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Saturday, November 8, 2014



There are so many different ways to sing the song of unconditional life. Gratitude is one of those ways.

So what is state of gratitude?  State of gratitude is one of the best prescriptions to be in the present.

Most of the time we are in the past or in the future, it is like we have the ability to see, still we prefer to put blindfold on our eyes with our own hands and try our best to be not in the present, and our consistent refusal to exist (since past and future both do not exist, we can only exist in the present by being present), to live and to bloom. It is like every unfolding moment is trying it’s best, with changing seasons, changing weather, spring after spring bringing beautiful colorful flowers full of fragrance, waterfalls full of music, beautiful birds and other species, sun performs all day long from east to west, moon and the stars decorate the sky at night, clouds bring rain, and at times electrifying performance of thunder and lightning etc. all these efforts to wake us up, to help us take our blindfold off our eyes, to liberate us from the past  and the future, to be in the present and enjoy every unfolding moment, to love, to sing the song of unconditional life.      

 Let’s assume that the past and the future both exists, the past is sweet and bitter, so most of the time bitterness from the past occupies the present, it creates more bitter past and totally swallows the future, this process can create a huge monster of darkness if one of the light switches is not turned on, as soon as possible. These light switches are not on any wall, they are within all of us, one of the light switches is called Gratitude, we have to be in the present to turn it on, the moment we turn it on, the monster of darkness vanishes, we start creating sweeter past, pleasant present and the state of gratitude becomes one of the stepping stones and the milestones for sweet future.

Let me share an example.

 I must express my gratitude to that glass window; we all know that the sun rises in the east. Now will you believe if I tell you that in the morning the sunlight enters my home from the west, you better believe it, because that’s what happens. There are some homes to the east and the west of my home that are at a higher elevation, so when the sun is still behind the homes to my east, I get the sunlight from the west, as the sunlight gets reflected from the glass window of the home to my west, that glass window becomes the medium of light for me in the morning for at least ten minutes. So that glass window is for sure on my gratitude list.         

It always helps to make a gratitude list. On my gratitude list besides human beings, and light reflecting glass window, I have other species, plants, planets, waterfalls etc., mother earth, its gravity(imagine life on this planet without gravity) and so many other things. Now that gratitude list is even longer, beyond my imagination. I have on the gratitude list, my this huge blogger family, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your precious moment in time. There is so much to be thankful for at this Mother Earth School of Life Performing Arts.

When we are in the state of gratitude, there are no conflicts, no questions, no concerns, no quest, no complains….., we are so complete, so content, we are trying to find the best words to thank, and every word in the dictionary feels small in comparison to the gifts that we have received. In that moment when we close our eyes for a second we feel as if the whole universe is within us, that’s how complete we feel in the state of gratitude. That is the beauty of gratitude; the moment we are in Gratitude it not only transforms us, it transforms our universe too.

Wish you all the transforming experiences in the state of Gratitude.

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014



My journey with meditation and yoga started more than 7 years ago. It all started with a thought that life is more than taking care of my needs, desires, craze, wants, obsessions etc. The more I thought about this thought, the more I wanted to know about this life.

The first thing that happened, I started to be more aware of my health (the wellness of my physical being). I always use to hear people talk about meditation and yoga, I will see people doing it on different TV channels, I kind of knew what it is, but it never registered with me, until one early Sunday morning ( I am an early bird ), I turned the TV on and it happen to be a yoga and meditation session . I watched it for few minutes, and then something came to my mind, I do not remember my thoughts exactly,  as if to see what yoga is, I moved from my couch on to the carpet, knowingly or unknowingly it was my first yoga session. I never thought I will get hooked on to this new experience of mine, but here I am more than 7 years later, try not to miss it every morning.

So the way my day usually unfolds is; it will start with 20 minutes of meditation; I sit in a very relaxed position, just shadow my deep breathing in and out, after few minutes I feel like I melted into am own breath, nothing else exists other than gentle breathing, I step out of my meditation totally relaxed when I hear the timer go off. Next, it is yoga time, first 10 minutes of warm up and stretches, then 30 minutes of yoga (mostly breathing exercises), 5 minutes of what I call humming (I take a deep breath and hum out slowly any of my favorite tunes) doing this I have noticed, after few days of practice the breathing in gets deeper and the humming out gets longer, during humming I just leisurely look out the window and welcome the rising day.  After shower, for breakfast I usually take glass of water+ oatmeal +fruit+ cup of tea (I am vegetarian, it’s been more than 8 years now) Then I go on with my regular day, in between when I get chance I try to document my thoughts.

My lunch is usually salad with some chopped almonds+ some mixed vegetables (or some soy product) + brown rice (or bread) + fruit+ glass of water.  Dinners is also something vegetarian, snacks in between meals and try to stay well hydrated.

In the evening I will go for a walk and/or skip rope. Before going to bed I will read something, document my thoughts, enjoy blogs from around the planet, do 5 minutes of humming, 20 minutes of meditation, and bed time. The moment I hit the bed I am fast asleep.  

In my experience, Meditation is inward journey, it is a thought filter that never goes bad, and it is a filter that keeps pollution out. Meditation has helped me with my experience of life. From my experience of life, if I have to sum up everything, then the essence so far is that; Love is life, love is always pure love; everything else is pollution of mind. Meditation is state of gratitude, absolute gratitude. You are here and now in the state of gratitude.  There are no questions, no quests.

 The reason I shared, about how my day unfolds is that, in my experience I have seen, every activity, every thought has an impact and influence on how we exist. The physical being, the non-physical being, and everything in-between is all integrated so well, whenever one variable changes, it effects the rest of the equation. Meditation helps to balance this equation. It is a journey from physical to non-physical and vice versa. I need this body, no matter what I like to experience, I need this body for the light of life to kindle and to experience life, I need this body to experience and enjoy the blooming, and meditation helps the body. I am sure with the pleasant presence of all of you and with the help of your fragrance, someday I will bloom too. Thanks for letting me, be a part of your precious unfolding moments.   

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.

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