Sunday, October 18, 2015

Princess And The Sage (Part 3)

This is in continuation to the previous parts, please stroll by the previous parts if you prefer to, thanks.

Queen asked the next question:
What about identity/duality?
Sage answered:
Let me share an example;
When air and water wants to experience existence, they join hands to become a bubble (identity and duality, still one with the Universe). Existence dances the colorful dance of Love and Life with such intensity on the beautiful shining surfaces of the bubble, that the bubble blooms every unfolding moment, so does everybody around the bubble. It receives the beautiful colorful Life and it reflects the same. Sage took some soapy water in his hands and puffed a long breath through his fingers, several dozen colorful bubbles went dancing in the air, the garden was filled with the beautiful contagious laughter of the Queen and everybody else present there.

Sage continued, we can clearly see that the air within and without the bubble is the same, there is just a beautiful shining surface in between. The moment the bubble bursts, the beautiful shining surface disappears, the air within the bubble becomes one with the air without. The illusion of identity/duality disappears.
Identity and duality both are ok as long as it does not lock away Love and Life.
Identity and duality are ok as long as we do not start walking on the thorns of ego, hatred, greed, lust, animosity… etc.

We All Are Precious Bubbles,
On This Beautiful Planet,
Called Mother Earth,
No Land To Win,
No Land To Lose,
Just To Experience,
Beautiful Colorful Existence,
Dancing From One Shining,
Surface To Another,
Decorated With The Beautiful,
Colors Of Love and Life !!

                                                              To Be Continued... 

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Princess And The Sage ( Part 2 )

As the days went by, queen was getting better, she gained her health and wellness quite well. Sage stayed at the palace as her guest, series of discussions took place over a period of time, and queen asked one question after another, it was a long garland of questions. Here are some of those discussions, as follows;
Sage answered to the initial comment of the queen, “Now you come, when there is nothing left.”
When there is nothing left,
In That Nothingness,
There is Everything !!

In nothingness you are like water, you do not have any identity/any duality.
Identity and duality both are ok as long as it does not lock away Love and Life. 

Mother Creation asked water, “Dear water how do you wish to exist?”
Water answered, “Magnificent Mother Creation as you wish so shall I exist.”

When you look at the sky above water, if the sky is colorful the water is colorful, if the sky is crimson the water is crimson, if the sky is blue the water is blue. When the sun, moon and the stars dance with the beautiful sky, they dance with the water too. When the birds fly in the sky they fly in the water too. 

In your nothingness, for the first time you are home, for the first time you realize that you are the host, this Amazing Universe is your beautiful home, and you are not any accidental happening. For the first time fragrance of Love was able to decorate this beautiful temple of Life.  In your nothingness the precious flower of life that you are, started to bloom with the pleasant fragrance of love, and your pleasant fragrance of love and life even inspired your favorite tree to bloom in autumn. When you step out of nothingness, you clip the flower of life and the flower of life starts to wither away.

Nothingness is not like a deserted place/deserted path, where nobody comes or goes, where you feel empty/lonely, where you feel lost.
Nothingness is where life dances on every path you step on, where vegetation Blooms to be with you, where there is symphony in the air, where Life rides on The Wings of Love.   

Nothingness Is,

That Magical Soil,

In Which The Seed,

Of Your Precious,

Existence Comes To Life !!

                                                                         To Be Continued...

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Princess And The Sage ( Part 1 )

Long time ago there was a beautiful princess, she was so beautiful that even the mirror would get stunned every time she was in front of the mirror. She was not only beautiful, she was extremely intelligent and exceptional archeress too. She was the only heiress to the throne. Her days used to be packed with all kinds of activities, travelling from one end of the kingdom to another getting familiar with all the aspects of the kingdom. So that when she becomes the queen, her queendom can flourish under her rule. King and the queen wanted the princess to expand the boundaries of their kingdom far beyond the existing territory of the kingdom, it was their desire.
One day her caravan was passing thru the remote part of the kingdom, she saw a well-built sage meditating under the open sky by a gentle waterfall. Princess was so impressed by the aura around this sage that she halted her caravan, stepped down from her horse and approached the sage, after introducing herself she invited the sage to the palace. The sage thanked her for the invitation and said, now is not the right time to come to your palace, if ever the time is right I will be at the doorsteps of your palace. As the princess was about to leave heavy heartedly, the sage added, “You are a priceless princess and you will be an amazing queen to rule this vast land, I am afraid in the dense fog of glory and glitter you may gallop too far away from yourself,  so try not to lose yourself.”
Time went by, the princess became the queen and got busy with her queendom. Days changed into weeks, weeks changed into months, months changed into years, that sage constantly stayed in her thoughts. She had expanded her queendom quite a bit. One autumn after a hard-fought victory, she got sick, she lost lot of weight, all kind of medicines were given but her health kept on getting worse and worse, the doctors announced that she may not be with them for very many days.
Next evening as the sun was setting the gatekeeper brought the message that the sage is at the palace gates to see the queen. With the permission of the queen sage was escorted in. As the queen saw the sage, tears rolled down her sunken cheeks and she said, “Now you come, when there is nothing left.” Sage answered, “We will talk about that later.” Sage knew that queen have several gardens, he asked her which garden was her favorite and her favorite spot in that garden. By now the moon and the stars were out on the sky floor performing there magical dances. Sage with the permission of the queen gently picked her up in his arms and walked to her favorite spot in her favorite garden and sat under her favorite tree with the queen resting in his arms with her eyes closed. It was late autumn and all the leaves had danced down from the branches. With the presence of the queen and the sage this tree started to sprout, as this tree was sprouting so was the health and wellness of the queen.
With the dawn of the day as the sunlight kissed the feet of the queen, she gently opened her eyes and was amazed to see herself and sage under the bloomed colorful canopy of her favorite tree, as rest of the garden was in autumn colors.
As the sage carried the queen back to her room, the message of joy and happiness of queen’s wellness spread throughout the palace. 

                                                             To Be Continued...

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
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