Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Princess And The Sage (Part 7)

This is in continuation to the previous parts, please stroll by the previous parts if you prefer to, thanks.

After spending several weeks helping queen with the meditative exercises, Sage continued talking about the thoughts;

Thoughts help you understand and experience all that is within and without the grace of gravity. Thoughts are trying to take you on a journey that is beyond the Grace of Gravity, at the same time made it possible by the Grace of Gravity.
Dear Queen have you noticed precious Gravity Graces all that can be defined, all that is finite, all that is visible ( your beautiful body, your beautiful palace, all that you think you have gained &/or lost ), all that is within the scope of time and space. So that you can embark on this unique subtle journey as you bloom in this precious body of yours. Your thoughts will help you on all the journeys that are beyond the grace of Gravity, journeys of your soul prints. Your soul prints are just yours, as unique and precious as your physical body, no matter how hard somebody tries to follow the foot prints, still the soul prints will always have its unique fragrance.
Dear Queen just like the beautiful acrobat in circus, as she let go of her strong grip and takes unconditional dive, her partner swings in and gently carries her safely to the landing at the other end and back multiple times.
Precious Queen let your thoughts carry you on this journey of soul prints;  
Journey from the conditional to the unconditional,
Journey from your body to your breath,
Journey from your heart to your heartbeat,
Journey from the flower to the fragrance,
Journey from the known to the unknown,
Journey from the visible to the invisible,
Journey from the finite to the infinite,
Journey from the foot prints to the soul prints.
                                                                             To Be Continued…

 Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
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