Sunday, November 15, 2015

Love & Life


Take The Blindfolds Off,

So That You Can See,

That You Are Not Only,

Literally Walking On The Thorns,

You Are Literally Living On The Thorns,


Unlock Love And Life,

So That You Can See,

The Precious You,

In All That Exists,

So That You Can Feel,

Within And Without,

The Presence Of Precious

       Love & Life !!

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Princess And The Sage (Part 4)

This is in continuation to the previous parts, please stroll by the previous parts if you prefer to, thanks.

Queen asked the next question, “What is Love?”

Sage answered;

During the Journey high up in The Sky,
As the birds were crossing the Ocean,
One Curious Precious Beautiful Bird,
Asked another bird with curiosity,
What are wings, what is flying, what is Sky?
And what is touching the Sky?

Dear Queen, Love is the self-illuminating Light within and Guide within. When you rise in love, you will be able to see the demons dictated by mind, drop them, if you prefer to. Love will also show you the Beautiful Blooming flowers of Life, accept them, if you prefer to. Blooming flowers of Life will take you beyond the boundaries of the body and the boundaries of your queendom, on the wings of Love.

Love Is That Constant,
When Plugged Into,
Any Equation of Life,
Reduces Every Variable To Zero !!

Just like when you see flowers, you think flowers are stationary beings, wait till they Bloom. Blooming of flowers “Is revolution of Life.” As soon as the flowers Bloom, the fragrance gets airborne, it rides on the wings of bees, butterflies, birds, breeze…there are no boundaries and there are no barriers, the revolution of Life travels over the mountains, thru the valleys and the plains, spreading the Fragrance of Love & Life. Also that single flower at the edge of the erupting volcanoes, Blooms with such an intensity decorating its moment in time, that even the erupting volcanoes shy away, “And that is Love.”  

Soul is the fragrance within the flower of Life,
When the Flower of Life Blooms,
The Fragrance gets airborne(One with the Universe),

Now :
When you sing, The Universe sings,
When you dance, The Universe dances,
So when you Bloom,
The Universe will Bloom with you,
And “That is Love Too” !!

“Love” is another way to spell “Universe”. Love is infinite, the more I say about Love, the more I realize how less I have said about Love. The best way to know love is to feel it, to experience it, to receive it, to share it...

The Wings Are Love,
The Sky Is Love,
Flying To Touch The Sky,
Is The Beautiful Experience Of Love !!

                                                                                       To Be Continued…
Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
 © Copyright all rights reserved.