Saturday, February 11, 2017

Princess And The Sage (Part 8)

This is in continuation to the previous parts, please stroll by the previous parts if you prefer to, thanks.

Queen asked the next question;
What about the thoughts that makes you sad, that makes you feel depressed, that even makes your days darker than nights?

Sage answered;
Precious Queen before answering your question, it will be good to understand the relationship between you, your body, your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings, your doings and your experiences.
Dear Queen, when you say this is my garden, this is my horse, this is my palace, this is my nose, ears, eyes etc. It clearly means that you are not the garden, not the horse, not the palace, not the body parts, not the color of the skin, not the amazing reproductive system, not this beautiful body composed of these magnificent senses and sensors from head to toe, but all of this and everything else that you say is yours is actually at your disposal during your this precious moment in time, to experience what you prefer to.
Now be a witness to what you prefer to experience and what you actually experience, practice this for several days as we continue on this Amazing Journey Together.
                                                                   To Be Continued…

Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.
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