Monday, August 3, 2015

Consciousness and Energy

Shiva and Shakti,

Yab and Yum,

Consciousness and Energy,

Both start from within the body,

And takes you beyond the body !!

Let me share an example;

When you light a candle, there is light (the consciousness) and the heat (the energy). Now when you look at the light after few seconds, it appears to be the same light but it is not the same light, the initial light is long gone ( beyond the body of the candle). Same way, the moment when you are in the moment, your consciousness and your energy becomes one. In that magical moment you leave your body, now a part of you is in the moment and part of you is in your body. When you have experienced this once and you prefer to experience it again, you long for it, the more you long for it, the more this Magnificent Universe helps you to experience it again, and again and again.

This Universe is Absolutely Absolute, and everything within this Universe is also Absolutely Absolute, including each and every person, place and thing. No matter how Nano, it is always Absolutely Absolute.  It is a different story that there may be times when you may feel incomplete, you may feel that something is missing, you may search for it in different directions and that is ok. It is ok to be a seeker, it will ultimately lead you to what you are trying to seek, your Soul mate.

It is like when you are not able to find your reading glasses, you look everywhere in your home, your office, your car, porch, patio, garden area and when you get tired of not finding your glasses you go to your wash basin to wash your face and your frustration, and when you look in the mirror you find your glasses relaxing on your nose and smiling at you.

Search in every possible direction, and I mean in every possible direction, if you get frustrated please do not give up until you look in the Magnificent Mirror within.

You will be surprised to find;

Shiva and Shakti Within,

Yab and Yum Within,

Consciousness and Energy Within,

Beautiful Twin flame Within,

Amazing Soul mate Within !!

  Let’s sing the song of unconditional life together.

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