Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bud fully blooms and becomes a flower.

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·        3rd Stage- Nirvana, Liberation or Moksha (as is called in the east). Bud fully blooms and becomes a flower.

To understand 3rd stage, we have to keep this thought filter in mind; we come from, and we are part of what is absolutely complete, absolutely perfect, absolutely everywhere, absolutely all the time, and so are we. Matter and energy are part of our composition, both matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. At this stage where the bud fully blooms and becomes a flower, we experience the composition of matter and energy in the form of love. 

At 3rd stage you are totally aware and awake; your existence comes to life. You want to be fully awake to enjoy the symphony performed by the birds, and you want to be ready with open arms, every morning when the new day arrives to kiss your forehead. Every single time, every symphony is special and every kiss is virgin, just for you, that’s how precious you are and your existence is.

Your awareness brings your presence and the presence of others to life. The Bud of life fully blooms, every single petal, one after the other and becomes a flower, flower of life.

Let me share the example of flower seeds on the desert floor, these seeds wait for months or even years for clouds to bring some rain. When the rain comes, theses seeds break open, those tender leaves without a single scratch make their way thru different layers of dirt (as if these layers of dirt are the lust, anger, greed, ego etc. of their world ),  because they want to enjoy the birds, the butterflies, the sun, the moon, the stars, the breeze, this whole existence, to spread the message of life and gratitude.   

At 3rd stage awareness becomes your way of life. Life is liberation, life is Nirvana, life is Moksha and we are here to experience it. The moment we decide to live life, we attain Nirvana, we attain Liberation, we attain moksha, and it is that simple. Try to document blooming of a flower, you will see it is so simple, one petal after the other in a very pleasant way, you try to turn or twist it, and the bud will fall of the branch without blooming. Life is very pleasant when it is simple, all we have to do is acknowledge and endorse every unfolding moment.

Love is always pure love; everything else is pollution of mind. At 3rd stage you realize that, anybody can deprive you of everything, I mean everything, but nobody can deprive you of love, you are nothing but love, unconditional love, which has no barriers, no boundaries and that realization of love, liberates you.

Wish you the best of blooming with 3rd stage experiences.
Let's sing the song of unconditional life together.

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