Sunday, October 12, 2014

Where the bud starts to bloom.

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·        2nd Stage- Consciousness or dharma (as is called in the east). This is like the stage where the bud starts to bloom.

2nd Stage is like when you are waking up from sleep, you are in between sleep and awaking, where you are trying to wake up and at the same time feel like going back to sleep again. Where you can hear coming from outside your room, very subtle early morning symphony, travelling on the wings of the gently blowing breeze, and being performed by the birds.  Also thru the cracks of your window blinds and drapes, the sunlight travelled 92,960,000 miles and is trying its best to kiss your forehead and wish you good morning. Despite all these efforts, you wake up for an instant or so and quickly resume your sleep, you want somebody to immediately shut the windows, blinds and drapes properly tight, so that you can enjoy your sleep for some more time.

This game of sleep and awaking continues. As long as 1st stage still excites you, the thought of what’s beyond this will not arise, and that’s ok. You do not want to rush; you want to have complete experience of, no matter which stage you are at.

Once you realize that you have achieved whatever you wanted to achieve at 1st stage and there is nothing more that excites you at 1st stage, and then step on to 2nd stage, this is where all the fun starts. At 2nd stage the word consciousness or dharma become meaningful, they are not just words anymore.  When you are conscious, the meaning of everything at 1st stage changes, because now your perception has changed. In everything that you do, there is a certain level of contentment and consciousness. You realize, the precious life that dwells in you and everybody else is exactly the same, and you are the host, the co-creator of this existence, you start to appreciate existence and you start to bloom. 

Do not let the bud of life within you, fall of the branch of life without blooming. This universe is waiting for your pleasant fragrance, so bloom and this universe will bloom with you.

When you are conscious, the bud of life within you, everybody, everything, and everywhere around you starts to bloom.

Wish you the best of blooming with 2nd stage experiences.
Let's sing the song of unconditional life together.

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